Friday, May 4, 2007

joost invite

Not related to knitting, but I've got a bunch of Joost invites to give away. Joost is a tv-via-the-internet thing that's kinda fun, but you can only get in if you get an invited.

So leave a comment with how you found our blog, and your email address (substitute at for @ if you like) and I'll send them out after I get back from dinner tonight!

I don't know how many regular readers we have, but I figured this might bring them out!

(Edited to add on May 7: I'm not able to send out invites from my work computer, so I'll be sending them out tonight when I get home. Hi to all our new readers!)


Anonymous said...

Can I please have a Joost invite. I would really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...


i've just heard about joost and it really sounds very interesting. if you still have some invitations, please send me one to:

janv at

greetings from switzerland

Toy Potpourri said...

I would like a joost invite.

Toy Potpourri said...
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Toy Potpourri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Please sent me a Joost invite.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hello and thanks in advance.
I found you with

please send the joost invite to

Unknown said...

Hello ! Great blog ! I fould you via the Google blog search engine.

If you still have Joost invites, here is my email: aulivermtl at

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I really really want one,thanks

Anonymous said...

hey there
I found your blog cos you joined the KTE!!!
Looks interesting, I wouldn't mind an invite if you have one spare, thanks, Sara

Anonymous said...

Can I have a joost invite please? Thank you very much!

Vin said...

I would love an invite. Thx. ilovit21(at)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by way of Stumbling Over Chaos. An invite, please? Thanks.

Jenn said...

I would like to be invited too please!

And I found you via Chris/Stumbling over Chaos too.

WandaWoman said...

I would love an invite too. I found by way of Stumbling over Chaos.

Unknown said...

I found you through Chris, Stumbling over Chaos!!
I'd love a Joost invite!!!
LesleyD at gmail dot com

5elementknitr said...

Here from Chris's Stumbling Over Chaos. I'd love an invite if you have any left! craftycat28 AT Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes please :) If it is available for peeps in Europe, I would love to give it a try :)

I also found you through Chris at the Chaos place :)

Cheers Eva - sweetpea at sweet-p dot net

Sorka said...

Found you just browsing around..if you have any invites left it sounds interesting! I am a notorious lurker so see you brought me out!
dlayman at neo dot rr dot com

Anonymous said...

Me too please. Chris and Chaos sent me.

redhawkmom that at symbol gmaildotcom

Laurie said...

Hi! I found your site through Christ at Stumbling Over Chaos.

If you've still got invites, I'd love one, please!

You can email me at:
larsarific AT gmail DOT com


Laurie said...

oops . . . that should read "Chris" not "Christ." Although, I can't definitively speak to her divinity or lack thereof!

Eve said...

I don't know if you have any invites left, but I'd love one. My email is evester [~at} gmail [~d.t} com.

I came here via Chris!

Anna said...

I'm here through Chris also! If you have any left could you send one to maydyn*yahoo*com?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You rock! Please send an invite to rxfrchng [at]

FinderGuy said...

Hey, thanks for offering. If you still have them, I would love one:

patmcclaughry at gmail dot com


wenat said...

Okay, everyone who's asked for one has gotten one. If you haven't received it in your email, check your spam folder!

Anonymous said...

If you are still willing, I would love a joost invite.

the_bluntman (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

From the southest country in the world... Argentina (third world too), please please please!

budkalings (arroba) gmail (punto) com


Anonymous said...

Hey there
Can I please have a Joost invite.
Thanks in advance.
amine.triai at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would really apriciate an invite for Joost.

Thanks in advance

conrado.e at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Please invite me. THX