Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm melting

It is seriously hot out here - 28C (82F). We don't have central air or a/c in the cars so I try to stay at home and not move too much. It is way too hot to knit. Even the cats are feeling the heat. They're not eating much these days.

I hauled out all my summer clothes on Monday and dumped my winter clothes on the bed in the guest room. Ricky promptly crawled under one of my shirts for a little snooze. It'll need a wash before I can put it away for the season.

My peonies are in full bloom. Usually, I can count on the rain to knock my peonies over just as they're blooming. This year, I can fully enjoy them.

Ricky sez, "canIgooutside?canIgooutside?canIgooutside?canIgooutside?canIgooutside?canIgooutside?"


Loren T said...

What cute little kitty paws under your clothes!

I hope you cool down soon. I can't live without air conditioning. I hate the heat.

PurlingPirate said...

Wow! That first flower doesn't look real!

geela said...

Hey, everything starts with 'p'....poppy, paws. peony, pout. Nice pictures.

Bea said...

We've been enjoying our 28C here. That's cool for us in June. The dogs and I have been enjoying the yard the last few days. They like to bake in the sun in summer. Of course then we come in to air conditioning/heating which basically runs year round to keep the house always the same temp.