Tuesday, October 7, 2008

pansy fiasco

Last week (during a break in the weather), I planted 60 tulip bulbs in the border of my flower bed. To keep the squirrels from eating my bulbs, I like to plant pansies on top to hide them. I bought 24 pansies on Thurs and I planted them on Sun.

But I ran out so I went back to the garden center to buy more and ... They sold out of the colour that I bought on Thurs. I looked high and low and they even let me look at the pansies in the storage area. Nope, they were all gone. So 3/5ths of the border are one pansy and the other 2/5ths are this pansy:

They're not even close. I am not happy about it. Hubby (trying to be helpful) suggested that I rip out the newly planted pansies and buy all new matching ones. I told him that if he wanted to buy and plant 40 pansies, he was quite welcome to do it.

I've been a good girl. All last week, I've been knitting Christmas presents.

Apologies for the crappy picture. Ricky was hogging the bed where I usually take pictures. The shadow just above the instep is his butt. Anyways, I've started the toe decreases. I actually had to frog a bit of it yesterday night because I made the foot too long. Oops!

Ricky's giving me the evil eye because I woke him to take pictures.


gayle said...

Hey, what happened to the skiergirl? Oh, well. Ricky looks good, too, even though he is giving the evil eye.

Too bad about the pansies. Hope it works to keep those pesky squirrels away.

Beautiful socks. I love the cable pattern and the colour is great. Lucky person who receives that pair.

PurlingPirate said...

Pansies are beautiful even when they don't match! Just enjoy the colors and their little pansy faces. Enjoy the color, we have been so hot nothing is in bloom. We are cooler (for the moment) so hopefully we will see some fall blooms soon.

Bea said...

They aren't close but at least they are pretty. Love that look on Ricky and your awesome cabled sock.