Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dyeing with a knitting loom

There's a stripey sock KAL going on in one of my ravelry groups, and of course I had to join in.

Part of the discussion involved dyeing your own stripey socks -- and since I picked up a ton of easter egg dye last May, I had to try it out.

Most dyers use some kind of warping board to create their striping patterns. I had received a set of knitting looms from my mother-in-law for Christmas a few years ago, and I wondered if it would work as a warping board.

The answer: perfectly!

I wound my yarn around a section of the knitting loom a few times, then moved onto the next section for a few more rounds. I tried to keep it random, between 5-15 loops per group. 

Then into the dye colours they went, purple, green and blue. 

Then after a soak and a little time in the microwave, here they are. This looks like a tangled mess, but it's two skeins of yarn, and all the little loops are securely tied in a couple of places. 

A little bit of a towel dry, then the loops went back onto the knitting loom to dry overnight. 

 I wound them off the knitting loom the next day, and they were so pretty!

So of course I had to knit them up.

And wear them.


Kathy said...

These socks are utterly fantastic. I love them.

me said...


Amazon Alanna said...

I loooooove thos socks! What a way to dye..

Rzimmerman said...

Wowie kazowie batman - you rock! Cheers!

Gail from Surrey said...

What a great tool for dyeing. They knit up into some pretty awesome socks!

LaurieKeren said...


Ro said...

Whoa. Color me impressed. The loom was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Love your hand dyed socks!!! The colours are awesome, so bright. Hope to see them in person on Wed night.

Diana Troldahl said...


Hagrids Mom said...

thank you so much for showing what it looks like knitted up! That is really a help. I may invest in a loom just for dyeing.

Hagridsmom (ravelry)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!! I just have one question, do they bleed through in any way and can they be washed?

jpirkle said...

What a great idea to use the looms to dye the yarn the way you would like it. Those socks turned out wonderfully. The colors are so bright too. Just regular Easter egg colors? You are creative in thinking of this. :-)