Sunday, December 12, 2010


That's me in a nutshell for the last 4 days (and counting). I've caught some kind of really nasty bug. Everything hurt so badly that I couldn't even hold up a paperback book while lying in bed. All I could do was moan quietly. Phoebe took pity on me and dragged her furry self off her heated bed to keep me company. Eating has not been possible and it's rough staying adequately hydrated. I'm guzzling flat ginger ale and eating plain white bread. I'm missing out on a cinnamon bun Christmas party today. Pooh!

Not a lot of anything happening. No knitting, cleaning, baking, wrapping, etc. I am soooo behind. I need a magic wand (or an army of elves) to wave at all my Christmas cards otherwise, they'll arrive after Christmas.

Before I got sick, I finally sewed the buttons on L's Christmas present.

Pattern: my own; a combo of Tasia's cardigan and the seamless yoke from "The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns"
Yarn: Nashua Superwash in 3 different colours (dk blue, light blue, yellow) and Dream in Color Classy in Go Go Grassy. I used 2 skeins of dk blue and just small amounts of the other colours.
Needle: 4.5mm for the body and 4.0mm for the button band
Notes: The cardi is supposed to fit a 1-2yo. The recipient is 18mos so I hope it fits ok.

I matched the stripes on the hem and cuffs but I went wild in the yoke. Switching colours whenever I felt like it. There were a bajillion ends to weave in but it's worth it. The pencil buttons came from a friend. She had them in her button stash. I used the DiC Classy because it's the leftover yarn from L's Dad's fingerless mitts (also a Christmas gift). Father and son will match. Awwwww!


whiteoak said...

So sorry to hear of your illness, hope you feel better soon. As for the Christmas cards, the Christmas season is 12 days starting with 12/25 so as long as your cards get to the recipients in the 2 weeks after the actual day they will be on time. A friend pointed this out to me years ago when I was obsessing over getting them there in time.

adriene said...

Ouch! Sounds like the flu got you good! At least you'll be back on your feet for the real feasting!

As soon as I saw the pictures of that cardigan in Google Reader, I HAD to come over to your blog to see it. How beautiful! And yes - lots of ends to weave in, but it's a jaw-dropper. Well done!

yarnpiggy said...

Gorgeous cardigan. :o)

Get well soon!

Diana Troldahl said...

There is a nasty flu bug floating around this year, hope you feel tons better soon.