Saturday, July 4, 2009

catching up

I am finally catching up on a bunch of things. Like gardening. Yanked out some knee high weeds this morning. Got about 2 hours of work done before it got too hot. It's going to be close to 30C/90F today.

A bunch of new yarns seem to have entered the house. I got 2 skeins of Panda Silk as a birthday present from Angela. She and I also drove down to Bellingham yesterday to shop at Apple Yarns. That's where I bought all Cascade Heritage sock yarn (for heels/toes/stripes). On the right is a skein of Harrisville Shetland Flax & Wool that I bought from Maiwa on Canada Day.

I spent most of last evening cleaning out my sewing room in preparation for the new computer. I have 3 garbage bags full of fabric to give away, one bag of garbage garbage, and another bag of recycling. Some fabric hit me on the head while I was cleaning up so I still have lots. It's still a disaster but I hope to make enough room for a small shelf so that the CPU doesn't sit on the floor (and suck up all the fabric lint). I also need to move stuff off the wall to make room for my fancy schmancy monitor arm (a bday present from hubby - it costs more than the monitor) and clear off a shelf for the new printer and my scanner.

I cast on the Anemoi mittens yesterday. Out of the 18 rounds that I've knit, only 9 are usable. I blame the heat for affecting my brain cells. It is not fun undoing stranded knitting especially when the yarn is sticky shetland. But I'm back on track and the ribbing looks like ribbing rather than something else.

Phoebe sez, "I'm melting".


PurlingPirate said...

I would give up some of my STR for 90F weather!!!

Chris said...

Oh, poor Phoebe. When it's gotten the least bit warm or humid here, the kitties have been melting, too.

Melissa Deutsch Scott said...

hot? It's bloody cold down here -- I swear! My Lytagirl lies on the tile floor in the hallway and sighs a lot when it's warm here. Poor hot moggie. She's quite cute in her pic pose.

Bea said...

Oh I wish it was only 90F out. She'd really be melting here. I'm totally overhauling my sewing room too. Chris is moving his stuff out so I actually have a whole spare bedroom to myself (instead of him having a bedroom and a half to himself plus the downstairs office...) I'm really pleased but the painting about killed me last weekend so its moving slower then I'd hoped.

Unknown said...
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