Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wash cat

The Anemoi mittens are kicking my butt. I had to rip out half the cuff when I realized that I made a big boo boo. I thought I'd have some pictures to post but 9 rows of knitting really isn't that exciting.

My nieces have arrived for a fun filled week of harassing their Auntie - me. They're actually staying with my Dad so I can escape to my own home at the end of the day. We took them out for dim sum this morning and they were so crazy at the restaurant.

My sewing room is still a disaster. I've pulled out about 5 garbage bags full of stuff plus one old computer tower (that doesn't actually have any computer bits in it) which belongs to hubby. I've installed a new shelving unit for the new computer. The wall shelf idea isn't going to work without some major construction so that's a problem because I need to get stuff off my desk to make room for the monitor to swing in & out. I probably need to throw more stuff out.

Ricky sez, "I know that I'm not supposed to sleep in the wash tub but I'm washing!"


Bea said...

Good boy Ricky. Wash in the tub. Its better then say on the kitchen table or on Dotty's head or something like that...

Gail from Surrey said...

Awwwwwwwww, Ricky is so cute! I am guessing that there is NO water in the washpan ?!?

Dotty, between your attempts and Karen's, it makes me worried about attacking my own craft room. LOL

Carrie K said...

Where else should Ricky be when washing? So cute.

Sometimes nine rows is a triumph.

PurlingPirate said...

It's too hot for knitting. It's fried our brains.

You could use some of your fabrics and make me more quilts! I'd be happy to take those off your hands!

Chris said...

And by being so cute, Ricky, you'll get away with it!