Monday, July 27, 2009

what I did on my summer vacation

Here is a cute picture of the nieces towing uncle around by his sandals. He was sitting in a floatie (which you can't see because he was a little over the weight limit) and they thought it was fun pulling him around.

I read a whole book and started a sock.

Tom Holt is very funny and you can see the British humour poking through. As usual, the plot is twisty and almost demands a second read if you didn't get it the first time. The sock is a potential Christmas present. I'm going to steal an idea from Sharon - knit the leg & most of the foot. When you need a gift, whip it out and rip/knit the foot & toe. Voila - a finished pair in one evening.

One morning, we headed into town to buy more food and I stopped in at the quilt store.

I got this great applique kit, one of the new metal tipped rubber thimbles, and a little sock yarn (the store has a small yarn corner).

I've mostly recovered from the sewage backup disaster. After the plumber left, I had to wash out the laundry room because the clean-out access point for the main line is located there. Pulling the snake out caused a bit of a mess. I'm glad we had a clean-out otherwise, he would've pulled a toilet off and gone down that way thus generating a much bigger mess. The plumber found roots, grease, and lots of hair. There's nothing much we can do about the roots but we need to be more vigilant about putting grease in the garbage and keeping my hair out of the shower drain.

Today is a scorcher. 20C/70F when I woke up at 6:30am. I think it's around 32C/90F right now. It's one of those days where I wish I had air conditioning in the car. The poor kitties are hot, too. I haven't dunked them in water yet but I put a fan on the floor and they have been flopping in front of it. All this heat means that my Rose of Sharon shrubs are blooming earlier than expected. This one is Blush Satin.

This one is a double called Bluebird.

Only 10 more days til Sock Summit!!!!!!!


PurlingPirate said...

I have a double Rose of Sharon too. I just love it. It's in the corner of the yard and constantly is blooming, just to make me happy I'm sure.

Sorry about your clog.

Chris said...

Glad the clog wasn't worse (the whole pulling a toilet business)! Sending cool thoughts your way.