Monday, October 12, 2009

Paul Leaves pooling stole

I'd like to introduce you to my latest pattern, the Fall Leaves Pooling Stole. This one is for Teri, one of the nicest and most generous swappers on Ravelry.

It's knit in the Paul colourway from Wollmeise, inspired by Paul Gaugin's paintings. It's also a gorgeous fall colourway, and it goes really well with a leaves pattern.

(This is not the actual skein that I used, because I forgot to take a photo of that before casting it on.)

Fall Leaves Pooling Stole

(Note: If you're new to the pooling technique, please read the first pattern in this series to get a good idea of how to figure out where your yarn will pool.)

Using an "e" or backwards loop cast-on, cast on 83 stitches onto a US7 needle. Please see my previous posts about figuring out your own "magic number" for your tension on the needles you've chosen. For this pattern, it's pretty easy to subtract pairs of edge stitches if you need to use fewer stitches to get the pooling to happen.

Knit garter stitch for 6 rows.

Start working with the chart below. The stitches in yellow are your garter edging. My edging had 7 stitches in it, not the three charted. Your edging will be different depending on your stitch tension, so please add or subtract stitches as you need to. If you need more than 8 stitches for your garter edging, feel free to do fewer edge stitches (as long as it's more than 2) and add a repeat of the green part of the chart.

(Click on the chart to get it in a larger, more printable size.)

End with a Row 9.

Knit garter stitch for 6 rows.

Bind off very loosely using a sewn bindoff, to maintain the pooling.

Block and pin out the stole.

Wear and get lots of comments, especially from other knitters.


Batty said...

Thank you so much for posting this pattern! I have been admiring your pooling stoles for a good long time now, they are stunning.

Chris said...

Another beauty!

Carrie K said...

I still find that technique (as my cousin would say - if he cleaned it up a bit ;) frakkin' magical.