Saturday, May 29, 2010

FOs galore

I'm a little behind in posting a few FOs. Driving the cats around sure does suck up a lot of my time.

First up is a scarf that took me two years to make. No, I'm not that slow of a crocheter. Since I only work 2 Saturdays a month at the LYS, those are the only days that I work on it. Take into account that Saturdays are usually busy and that means that I don't actually get much crochet time.

Pattern: The Wavelength by Lime & Violet
Yarn: 1 skein Noro Kureyon Sock in col S195 (I think); used all but a few yards
Hook: 3.5mm
Notes: I learned how to make a stretchy foundation - the foundation single crochet (other variations also exist). It is seriously awesome. Go ahead and Google it - I'll wait while take a look. There was a bit of nail biting near the end. You have to finish the scarf on Row 4. If you don't have enough yarn, you have to rip it back to your previous Row 4. Since the scarf is crocheted lengthwise, that's a lot to rip.

I've been teaching a top-down raglan class at my LYS. I decided to knit the sweater along with the students because I was expecting a new niece (she arrived last Monday).

Pattern: Buttons Cardigan by Cabin Fever
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece; 2 skeins in Cotton Ball
Needles: 3.75mm Addi Turbo circs

Today was the last day of the class so I took a picture of all our sweaters together:

Don't they all look pretty?

Ricky sez, "Rawr!!!! The roofers should be scared of me and my big fangs!"


Monika said...

That scarf looks great! Sweet little cardigans too. I'm scared, thank god I'm nowhere near Ridatabcky! :o)

Chris said...

Congrats on the new niece!! Cute sweater. :) And that scarf is gorgeous!

Oh, Ricky, you are TOUGH.

AdrieneJ said...

I didn't realize the single crochet foundation was stretchy! That's good to know, as I plan to use it when I make some cap sleeves for a top I'm working on. I'm glad I read your blog before I did it!

sara said...

That is a seriously cool scarf!

ColorSlut said...

Wow - that is an amazing scarf!

Bea said...

Oh. I'm liking the scarf. I'll have to check that pattern out. I have some silk garden sock that might look lovely in that.