Monday, May 24, 2010

Stitch Markers donated!

I have a few more pretty photos to share with you.

I received a lovely message yesterday from Sunne, who has an etsy store full of fun stitch markers which will liven up your knitting. (Click on the photos to go directly to that listing on her store -- she has 135 listed right now.)

And she's donating two $10 gift certificates to her store to two raffle winners, to choose what they like. She has a ton of fun ones in her store -- I've just posted the ones that tickled me, but it was hard to choose just these few to share with you.

(Even though I don't watch hockey regularly, these ones make me laugh! If you knit while watching hockey, you'll probably have to have these!)

Thank you for your donation, Sunne!

1 comment:

Monika said...

The hummingbird stitch markers are gorgeous!