Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wet enough for webbed feet

This is Dotty reporting live from Chopper Kitty. There seems to be a problem just north of the water bowl. I see two cats squeezed onto the counter. I don't see any snarling while the second kitty waits for the first one to finish. This should clear up soon. Back to you, Bob.

I've been wanting to knit these Rubber Duck socks for awhile and have been searching for the perfect ducky yellow and a nice blue (for the water) sock yarn. A few weeks ago, I got lucky and bought 5 cones of undyed Louet Gems fingering and the stores were clearing out their Easter egg dyes. I broke out the glass bowls and vinegar and played around with some yarn. I used one tablet for each 50g skein and used the amount of vinegar specified on the package.

The blue turned out perfect. The yellow was much too canary. So I dissolved an orange tablet and used very little vinegar. I very quickly dunked each skein in hoping that the orange would soften the yellow without actually turning it orange. It worked out pretty well.

The weather's been pretty stormy lately. There was quite the downpour the other day and I noticed that water was cascading waterfall-like from the second floor gutter onto the roof of the first floor. So I made Hubby get on the roof the next morning (at 6am) to clear it out. All this poor weather has also delayed the roofers by at least a week.

There hasn't been a heck of a lot of knitting lately. I got one quilt basted and I'm machine appliquing the birdie blocks. I need to get those two quilts finished soon.

Phoebe sez, "Thanks for the mousie, Mom. It makes a nice pillow"


knitseashore said...

Phoebe would rather snuggle with her mice than hunt them -- she is obviously very content!

Hope you start to see some sunshine soon!

Chris said...

LOL about the traffic report!

You got great colors for your ducky socks. :)

PurlingPirate said...

Well, I was wondering how Ricky was doing. Obviously, he is NOT himself!