Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gladys!

(a clear example of a yarn extreme)

Today is Gladys' birthday and to celebrate, we went yarn shopping. We got up way, way, waaaaaaaay too early (5:15am for me) and stood in line for a big yarn sale.

See? It's still dark out. We weren't the only crazies - there were 10 people ahead of us including our friend, Gail. Our other friends, Emma & Martha showed up just before 7am. I saw someone in their pj bottoms.

I didn't need any yarn but my excuse for going was to give Gladys her birthday present - in case it influenced her yarn buying.

This is 100% bamboo light fingering from Twist of Fate. It is simply stunning and it was tough for me to let it go but I knew Gladys would love it.

Yes, we bought yarn. I scored some Crystal Palace Mini Mochi and Gladys bought lots of Handmaiden/Fleece Artist as well as a bunch of other stuff. When I got home, I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. Now, I'm off to shop for drapery fabric (my current choice is a 100% silk jacquard at $65/m) and then a birthday party and supper with friends. I hope that I can stay awake!

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Bea said...

Happy Birthday Gladys!! The yarn shopping sounds like a great birthday party.