Sunday, February 22, 2009

math twice, buy once

Do you remember me hoping for a "yarn bouquet" as a Valentine's present from hubby? Well, it came true! I hinted that I really liked Twist of Fate and that if he was stopping for gas, he could pick up something for me. That man takes a hint well and knows how to pick yarn. He bought me three skeins - two of the three were the same yarn I'd purchased and one of them was the exact same colour! Keep in mind that he hadn't seen what I bought so it's pretty cool that he knew my yarn tastes! I have the best hubby :)

The Valentine's BBQ dinner was great. Got grease on my shirt - like I did the last time. After we left the restaurant, we stopped at a bookstore and I bought two books:

The Amy Butler book is really cool. Lots of neat baby things to sew. No, I'm not pregnant but my bf is so I hope to make her babe a few items. The second book is a great reference/inspiration. There are tons of designs and motifs for hand and machine quilting. I can see that myself and my fellow QHuackers (that's the name of our quilting group) will get a lot of use out if it.

Ricky update: The latest blood test says that his pancreas is ok and his blood count is fine, too. He was scheduled for an ultrasound last Wed but that got canceled because his appetite returned to normal. I'm so glad he didn't get the ultrasound - they were going to shave his pretty belleh!

Hubby calls Ricky the "solar powered kitty". So true!

The whole "drapes for the living room window" project is driving me nuts! I've been shopping for fabric and I hit the jackpot yesterday. I bought 10 yds, got it home, and thought that "10 yds looks a little skimpy". Sure enough, when I checked my math, I needed more like 15 yds. So I ran to the store first thing this morning and grabbed the bolt. Guess what was left? 4 5/8 yds. Ugh! I bought it anyways. I'm going to check a few more stores around town to see if I can find a 2.5 yd cut (that's ideally the amount I need to line up the pattern & still have enough for seams). If I can't find anymore of that fabric, I'll have to come up with a backup plan... I'm a quilter so I'm pretty creative when I'm short on fabric.


Bea said...

No shaving Ricky's pretty fuzzy belly unless you have to! He's so so cute as he is. I'm glad he is feeling better.

Life's a Stitch said...

I think, given the opportunity, I might like that position as well.