Friday, January 22, 2010


On one hand, I can't believe it's already Friday. On the other hand, "What?!?!?! It's Friday!?!?!?!" I'll skip all the boring whining about my car/Dad & the cupcakes/everyday life stuff and get to the knitting.

I did yank the original sock off the needles and redesigned it.

This one's a keeper.

I got bored of the new sock so I picked up hubby's 18 mo old sock and finished it (it's really big and really bright).

I immediately cast on the second sock while I still remembered how many sts per round (80).

Last weekend when it was dry out, I took Ricky out for walkies on the front porch. He drooled all over the concrete while sniffing the leg of a wicker chair. Then freaked out when hubby came towards him with a string of Christmas lights in his hands. It turns out that Ricky can back out of his new doggie harness. He ran into the bushes while hubby took off after him. I walked over to the front door, opened it, and called his name. Ricky zoomed into the house and right into the kitchen.

Ricky sez, "You see these fangs? I ain't scared of no Christmas lights."


Chris said...

AWESOME picture of Rickie!

What yarn are you using on that sock for your hubby? Love it!

PurlingPirate said...

Really? We don't get to hear about car, dad & cupcakes, and all the other stuff? Hmph.

Love your hubby's sock, like rainbows for your feet.

Ricky so brave, my heart swoons.

Sharon in Surrey said...

That's a hellova shot of Ricky!! However did you manage to get that??? Maybe you should take up Animal Portraits!! They might go faster than your hubby's socks . . .

Batty said...

My Morgana is jealous of your Ricky. She took a trip from a window to the floor, with an unscheduled stop on the fireplace. Did a faceplant on the mantel, the poor thing, and had to have one of her fangs extracted. Now, she's a snaggle-toothed kitty.

Bea said...

Friday??!!? Am I that far behind?? Darn it.

That red sock is just awesome. Love the rainbow sock too. Penny can wet noodle her way out of the the harness too. Love Ricky's fangs. Such a tough guy.

For some reason the word verification thinks one of us is a "quiter".