Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raffle ends this weekend -- and two more prizes!

Thank you all so much for buying virtual raffle tickets! We'll be drawing for the prizes this weekend, and I'll be sending out emails so that people can choose their prizes. (First number drawn gets first pick; second number gets second pick, and so on.)

And I'd like to thank Teri, of Mamas and Munchkins, for donating two more prizes! (She won the auction for the pooling stole; and then wanted to make another donation. Teri, you're awesome!)

The first prize donation is a Lexie Barnes Lady B bag. My favourite part of the description is the 15 pockets for storing things in the bag. Woo hoo!

The second prize that she's donating is a set of Lexie Barnes Accessory Pouches.

Teri's one of the nicest, most generous, people I've met on Ravelry. Thanks so much, Teri, for this amazing donation!

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Dotty said...

I want that bag!!!!