Tuesday, January 4, 2011

scrap happy

I've knit a lot of socks and consequently, I have a lot of leftovers. My feet aren't big so I usually have quite a bit left - not enough to knit another sock but too much to just throw away. Originally, I saved the yarn in case I needed it for repairs but I decided awhile ago that I'd rather knit a new sock than fix an existing one. So my bag of leftover yarn has steadily grown.

My second plan was to knit all the leftovers into "monster" socks. But I have so much good sock yarn that I'd rather knit with. You can see the dilemma that I faced. During a pre-Christmas purge, I looked at the bag of yarn and told myself that if I didn't do something with it, I had to throw it out or give it away.

Looking for inspiration, I came across a scarf that Helen made with leftover yarn. It was knit lengthwise in garter stitch and she used the ends as fringe. This idea appealed to me but she used worsted weight and she had enough matching colours that it looked nice. My scraps were too varied to look good together.

I was also attracted to a linen stitch scarf that was on display at the LYS where I work. It's knit lengthwise, too and the stitch pattern makes the scarf look woven. The quilter in me spoke up and said, "all fabrics go together if they're small enough". If I alternated a solid yarn with the scraps, everything would probably look ok. A quick rummage through the stash yielded a skein of dark purple which would work as the "base" for all the scraps. The result is my scrappy scarf.

Pattern: linen stitch; knit lengthwise
Yarn: one skein (100g) of solid sock yarn; lots and lots of scraps and each scrap needs to be long enough to work 2 rows of linen stitch
Needles: 4mm Addi Turbo Circs

Notes: I cast on using the purple. All rows worked with RS facing you. Leave a long enough tail at the beginning and end of each row to make a fringe. Worked 2 rows in scrap yarn. Worked 2 rows in purple. Repeat these 4 rows until desired width is reached. Bind off.

My original plan to use up my scraps didn't actually turn out well. I used about 50g of scraps plus 50g of the 100g skein of purple yarn which means I added 50g to my leftover bag. My scrap bag weighs exactly the same as before. Sigh.


Nannette said...

I love your scarf. I did one last fall in Koigu and have been wanting to do another. I think I'll use scraps. How did you do your fringe? It really looks nice.

Karen said...

This sounds so much like me I nearly fell off of my chair. If you find an ultimate scrap project, let me know, the sock leftover drawer is threatening explosion.

PurlingPirate said...

The knit girls are always talking about what to do with the sock leftovers. I think one of the girls is doing mitered squares with hers that one day she will sew them all together for a blanket.

You may have ended up with the same weight of yarns but you gained a beautiful scarf!

Sharon in Surrey said...

You could make scarves for everyone you know this year - this would eventually use it all up. You could make 'scrap' or 'Frankensocks' by using a color like black between the rows of scraps. I usually group leftovers by BLUE, RED or PINK/PURPLE anywhere in the yarn. I get solids in those colors & make striped socks. Of course Black & Grey go with everything. You could, as the PurlingPirate suggested, do mitered squares or entrelac hats, socks, scarves, cat blankets, niece sweaters or quilted potholders too.

MamaMidwife said...

I *heart* the scarf. I have a pattern that is very similar called "The Long Story Short".

If you really want to get rid of the scraps.....I would take them off your hands. I have a thing for sock yarn scraps...and paypal to pay for shipping. :) Rav ID is "MamaMidwife".

Happy knitting!

Bea said...

Love the scarf. I had the same scrap issue, but I've been crocheting those little squares for a blanket so a lot of my leftovers have gone into that.