Friday, June 17, 2011

and they're off

I got woken up early (for me) this morning so that I could drop off hubby and all his gear. The things I do for his hobby ;)

If you are in the mood to steal valuable cargo, this would be the semi-trailer to target today:

It has approx. 80 bicycles with an average cost of around $2500 per bike for a total of $200,000! That's a lot of bike!

The Cops for Cancer van was shuttling riders/volunteers & gear from the overnight parking lot to the bus pickup area in front of Cap's Bicycles.

There was a lot of nervous energy as everyone checked and double checked their gear, bought last minute stuff from Cap's, picked up their rider/crew packages, and got their box lunches from Cactus Club (who kindly opened their kitchens at 9am and will stay open extra late tomorrow night and not mind when very dirty, sweaty riders troop through their nice restaurant in clompy cycling shoes to use their washrooms).

There is some very precious cargo in this trailer:

Thousands of crepes, rice cakes (the wet kind), fruit, desserts, salami, soup, chocolate milk (!!!), and other valuables are in there. Each rider will be burning about a week's worth of calories tomorrow so a lot of food is required to keep them going.

One last picture before Graham (rider & cancer survivor) and his daughter, Rebecca (her second time as crew) board the bus:

Good luck to everyone! I will pray for dry weather, calm winds, and a speedy ride. See you at the welcome in party tomorrow night.

Hey Gladys! Are the potties blue this year?

PS. Love you, honey. Can't wait to kiss your salty face :*

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