Monday, June 20, 2011

I lied

I thought that I could get hubby to blog a little yesterday but I lied. He spent most of it "recovering" (i.e. sleeping, eating a little, and imitating a starchy tuber on the couch). So the gory ride details will have to wait until I can get him parked in front of a computer. I did snag his camera and uploaded all the pictures.

Here is his sleeping pad the night before the ride - tucked behind the church's piano:

Hubby only managed about 2.5 hrs of sleep.

And his legs full of names:

Photographs from the day of the ride are slowly being added to Flickr. Please take a look. Hubby is rider #39. Here's one of him:

He's on the left in the neon yellow vest giving Graham a push towards the Pennask summit. It is a tough climb - 60kms (12.5mi) long with an elevation increase of about 1328m (4357 ft). And they're doing this climb from 4-7am. They're crazy but I love every one of them.


PurlingPirate said...

He's very impressive!! They all are!!

P'cess said...

thanks to Marcus for coming out to our meeting last night and telling us all about it. I'm sure he was probably confused and thought he was at an interview as I fired questions at him, but he's a good conversationalist and it was really interesting hearing his point of view! Also, totally charming that he thought to tell us the story of the fleeing sheep!