Friday, July 22, 2011

6 more sleeps

... til Sock Summit 2011!!!

So there's a flurry of activity here. I'm finishing up the Tour de Fleece. One of my goals was to spin thicker and fiddle with my wheel settings a bit more.

This is 4ozs of Falkland spun up into 230yds of 2 ply. Very soft and skwishy.

I've also been spinning on Marilyn, my vintage double drive wheel. Another one of my TdF goals was to make friends with her. I finished filling one bobbin and when I had to switch it out, I couldn't get the whorl off until I remembered that it's lefty tighty, righty loosey. I filled the second bobbin and plied it today. I need to wind it off before I take a beauty shot. The fiber is a mystery as it was a gift from my friend, Gail. So what to spin next? I don't want to start anything new on Clementine or Matilda because all 8 bobbins need to be empty for Sock Summit so that leaves Marilyn. Guess I'll have to toss the stash.

What I really should be doing is getting all my Sock Summit bits together. It's supposed to be summer hot in Portland. None of my summer clothes are out because it's been so cold here. Really - I was wearing long pants last week. I had on wool socks the week before. What I have been doing is working on my shopping list and boy, is it looooooong! Must remember that my duty free limit is only $750 (and I already had stuff shipped to Portland so I have even less to spend at the marketplace). My list so far is a sweater's worth of Socks That Rock Heavyweight (leaning towards one of the Raven colourways). I want to make something like Cassis or Redhook. I might buy a little bit of sock yarn. I mostly want fiber for spinning and a few spinning accessories like a spinner's control card, and a split rear bearing to update Clementine a little. So little time/money, so much to buy.

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Pla said...

Your handspun is gorgeous as always!!

I say buy all you want!!! And then ship the rest back home!