Thursday, July 14, 2011

two months

It's been pretty close to 2 months since I last wrote up a decent post. There is sooo much that I need to get caught up on that this'll be a quick & dirty update.


Cinnamon Grace - totally ran out of yarn despite using an overweight skein. Ended up making a 2 hour round trip to buy a 27g leftover from a fellow Raveller. Still ran out of yarn. The lace edging should be wider and have a picot bind off.

Another pair of Monkey socks - my 60th pair of socks

Currently knitting on this:

Swirl skirt from the latest IK. Totally in love with this pattern.


The Tour de Fleece is moving along. While the nieces were in town, they insisted on "helping" me so I ended up spinning a lot of junky fiber (included in the purchase of my wheels). But I've had the opportunity to spin some nice stuff, too. This is sample of what I've accomplished so far:

We're leaving for Sock Summit in less than two weeks. I have so much to do to get ready. I'm excited!!!!


adriene said...

I just added that skirt to my queue! How fabulous!

I'm really impressed with those cakes you spun. Did you wind those right off the bobbin?

Dotty said...

Thanks! Yes, I wound those straight off the bobbin using my ball winder. I'm going to skein them up tonite and set the twist tomorrow.