Friday, May 7, 2010

I won the yarn lottery!

I'm spinning!!!

I bought a very basic drop spindle kit ages ago. On the very left is the very first yarn that I spun & plied. It's super chunky and not very even. I spun a bunch of singles and then put the spindle down for a couple of years. I found plying to be a bit tricky.

Until Karen told me about Andean plying. So I spun up the rest of the fleece that I had just so that I could try the plying. It works so well. I love it. The middle skein shows my first attempt at Andean plying. The right most skein was my second attempt. Now I have to figure out what to knit with my handspun. Does anyone have suggestions?

And the main reason why I'm spinning instead of knitting:

I think I'm going to run out of yarn. There's 18g left and the first sock weighs 48g. If the ball of yarn was slightly less than the stated 100g, I'm screwed.

So hubby came home the other night and I practically screamed at him that I won a yarn lottery (in one of the swap groups on Ravelry). The conversation went as follows:

me: I won the lottery on Ravelry. Guess what I won!
hubby: Wollmeise.
me: Yep. You're good. Guess what colour.
hubby: Purple.
me: ::blink, blink::

He is so well trained.

I am also well trained. We have a guest coming to stay with us and he's allergic to cats (don't as me why he agreed to stay here even after we told him that we have cats). Ricky's been sleeping on the guest bed. To break that habit, we're forcing him to find a new favourite sleeping spot. Shutting the door to the guest bedroom didn't really work the first night because hubby was sleeping there (temporarily until he stops snoring). Hubby couldn't stand the crying so he let Ricky in. The next night, hubby came back to our room but Ricky was banging at the guest bedroom door, crying, and scratching at the carpet. I yelled at him a few times and he went away but woke me up at 12:30am trying to break down the door so I got up and locked him downstairs. Ricky was ok for a few days but then he started sleeping on the chair in the office. The office is off limits to the cats at night - too many cables for them to chew on. So Ricky got booted out and the crying, etc. commenced. I couldn't stand it (hubby was already asleep) so I hauled the chair out of the office (Ricky almost made it onto the chair before I could pick it up) and put it in our bedroom. It's kinda awkward but I'm happy if the cat's happy. There's a new development though... Phoebe has discovered the chair and I caught her sleeping on it. Uh oh...

Ricky sez, "Phhhhbbbbtttt!!! I always get my way"


Monika said...

LOL- go Richy go! That cat knows what he wants, and how to get it. In your household there must be a lot of talk about Wollmeise for your DH to guess it right. But the color also? :o)

Love your handspun yarn, the colorway is gorgeous!

ColorSlut said...

I love the kitty photo and your sock is so nice! It will be perfect once you finish them up :)

Congrats on your spinning - it is totally like winning the lottery! Wait until you knit it up - it will be more like the lottery then.

Chris said...

Very pretty color in your handspun! And that's a bit scary about your husband getting the yarn and color right... Great picture of Ricky!

Life's a Stitch said...

Great story, but I hate to tell you that the snoring doesn't stop ;-)