Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 Ride2Survive Fundraiser

Last June, Tony and his friend Graham bicycled from Kelowna to Vancouver in one day — a 400 km/250 mile trip which I hesitate to do by car. Everyone who hears about it calls them crazy.

Well, they're going to do it again this year, and this time, Dotty's husband will be joining them. They're doing it to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, as part of the Ride2Survive organization. The notable part of this fundraising effort is that 100% of your donation goes straight to cancer research, and nothing goes to administrative or marketing costs. (At the end of the ride, the riders vote on how much money goes to which kind of cancer research. Here's how it was allocated last year.) All donations over $20 also get a Canadian charitable tax receipt.

Our guys are calling themselves Team Purl Jam, and their donation page is here.

If you donate, you can also ask them to write a name on their legs of someone who's been touched by cancer — a survivor, or a loss. (Write down your person's name on the "home phone" field of the donation box.)

This is a tradition on the ride, and Tony had so many names on his legs last year because so many knitters have been touched by cancer. This year, we're adding Markus' extra-long legs to the cause. The ride is hard, and as the guys ride and lose energy, they look down at their legs to remember who they're riding for, and remember that this ride is easy compared to the ordeals of those fighting cancer now.

Also, watch this blog for a few fundraising efforts that Dotty and I are putting together. (Yes, there will be some Wollmeise!)


Chris said...

Ok, the leg thing is very cool!

knitseashore said...

Count me in! I want to remember to put a note on my blog for this, and I'm asking my cycling husband to put a note on his blog for you too.

Thanks to your husbands for doing this for all those who cope with cancer.