Monday, April 26, 2010

slave to the sewing machine

Hubby's big Ride2Survive fundraising bike ride is in less than 2 months and I promised him that I would help fundraise. So I've been sewing like mad - working on two quilts that will be raffled off (keep your eye on the blog for details).

::tweet, tweet:: These blocks are so cute! Everything is fused and I just need to dig around in my big box of thread to find something to applique the edges with. This was supposed to be a quick project but I always forget that there's a lot of cutting with scissors which slows me down. I even had Hubby help me cut out the legs, beaks, and eyes when my hand got tired.

This one is already pieced and waiting to be basted which I will do when I'm at Dad's because he's got easily accessible floor space.

In the evening, I've been working on my Monkey sock. I got the first one done catching up on Torchwood.

I got the second one started while watching "The Proposal". Such a lame movie. I don't know who put it on the rental list but it must've been me since hubby would never willingly choose a chick flick.

Ricky's current favourite sleeping spot is the big sofa (which he barfed on Friday night). But if someone's sitting in his spot, he will pace around complaining loudly and waiting for the person to leave. He will eventually give up and plop on the person (Hubby). This is the only time Ricky is a lap cat.

Ricky sez, "Wha?!?!?! Are you talking about me?"


knitseashore said...

Dotty, I put up a notice on the post before last about the ride. I hope it helps. You are certainly working your fingers off to support them!

Ricky is adorable, even if he isn't willing to share a good seat!

Chris said...

Oh, the quilt is going to be lovely!

I have towels draped on the couch and chair due to kitty pikeage...

ColorSlut said...

The fabric is amazing. I really love the retro look of it. I made a pair of socks very similar colorway just a while back. I used Liberty's yarn. What is your yarn?

Bea said...

These quilts are going to be great. Love the sock too.

Anonymous said...

What is the pattern name for this bird quilt? I have been looking everywhere! Thanks!

Dotty said...

It's called Birdie Big Blocks by Barbara Brandeburg.