Monday, April 19, 2010

open window season

What a glorious day! It is incredibly warm and I have to open the windows to let in some fresh air.

This is Ricky's favourite season because he will camp out beside the open window (oh look! There's a stack of boxes that are window height) and sniff the fresh air. It is his favourite thing to do other than eating.

The nice weather also means that I'm out in the garden. We have a decent sized property with established flower beds that we've been slowly overhauling. Over the years, we've done quite a bit of work in the back and side yards and we're slowly working our way around to the front. Last week, I pulled out a huge pieris japonica that I'd left thinking that it would look better once it stopped being crowded out by the rhododendron. It never really recovered so I hauled out the serious tools (bow saw, ax, and pick) and got rid of it. Hubby was impressed that I got the stump out by myself because the shrub was easily 3 ft across and about 6 ft tall. I splurged and replaced it with a lovely purple azalea. It was a splurge because I bought a 5 gal one because they were sold out of the 1 gal size.

In the evenings, I only have enough energy to do a little knitting. I keep myself occupied with hubby's Noro socks. I'm past the halfway point on sock #2. I started these almost 2 years ago and I am soooo ready to have these finished and off the needles.

But knitting them makes my finger hurt because the tips are pointy and I tend to push the needle with my left index finger. So I cast on a new sock Sat night when I couldn't stand to work on them.

I want to tell you what hubby ate for dessert yesterday night (cuz it was sooo gross) but he'll kill me because he doesn't want people think he's pregnant. Ha ha! Instead, I will tell you what Phoebe did yesterday. Hubby came home from a long bike ride and he took off his cycling jersey and placed it on top of his shoes/arm warmers. Phoebe came downstairs and proceeded to sniff and rub her face all over his jersey. We've never seen her do that before. I picked up the jersey and put it right on the floor. She flopped on it and rolled all around like she does with catnip. Phoebe rubbed her face and pulled it close with her paw when it slipped away. She drooled all over it. What a silly cat!


Chris said...

I poke holes in my finger tips when I have to use my US 00 Addi Lace circulars to knit fine yarns like Wollmeise... so I can relate. Ouch!

The kitties here are loving open window season, too.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Ya gotta buy those stick-on leather patches that you put on the pads of your fingers when you knit . . . leather thimbles I think they call them.
My cat used to love sitting on her window pad & sniff the air thru the open window. I think they can identify all the critters that pass by that way!

ColorSlut said...

The socks are lovely! Our cats are really enjoying the open window season as well!

Debi3735 said...

OK so my dogs both will roll in my DH and my running clothes as soon as doggily possible, I assume it is to get the odor of the house on them to mask for hunting. They do it on the bed also, after we get up.

knitseashore said...

You are my heroine for wielding the saw! We pulled out some front yard bushes as well, but I had Chris pull out the stumps with his truck.

It's nice to know another knitting gardener, and I'm looking forward to comparing notes with you!

I can see Ricky is enjoying that fresh air -- our cats like it when we open the back sliding door and they can lounge in front of the screen. Chipmunk TV!!

Bea said...

Ricky boy the cats here in Texas like open windows too. They like the cooler days more then the warmer ones though.

Love the socks!