Thursday, July 15, 2010

bike widow

The hubbies are off on another bike adventure this weekend - the annual Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride. So I've got the house (and the whole bed) to myself!!!

I finally blocked my Annis shawl yesterday.

It is soooo pretty! I am definitely going to knit another one when I can convince myself to do another 300-something stitch cast on.

Phoebe's a little mad at me. Last week, she was denied breakfast because it was her turn to have her teeth cleaned. I dragged her to the vet and signed the appropriate paperwork and as I was handing her over, the vet popped her head out and asked if that was Phoebe. Turns out there was no tech so she couldn't do any dental procedures that day. I took Phoebe home and she gobbled up the food I put down and glared at me when she was done.

Ricky is back to his normal food. No more grinding up his soy kibble and wetting it with water. He's still looking a little patchy:

The shaved bits feel like velvet but he gets nippy when I try to touch his neck or leg. We had to take his collar off because it was bugging his shaved neck. This is kinda annoying because we can't tell where he is by listening for his bell - like when he's going to tackle Phoebe.

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Chris said...

Oh, rough kitty week at your house!!