Saturday, July 31, 2010

didya miss me?

Ah - it's good to be back and sleeping in my nice soft bed instead of the cold hard lumpy ground. I may need to invest in a softer mattress for next year. My body can't take it anymore.

Except for the first day of thundershowers, the rest of our trip was pretty perfect. The nieces had a blast in the water. We had to keep a close eye on the youngest one because she has no fear and would float out into the middle of the lake if we let her.

The adults certainly had fun on (and in) the water. My sister is rescuing my BIL - the dumpee:

Hubby had his usual stick-straight-up-in-the-air hairdo:

Because he was doing a lot of this:

My water experience was a little more sedate:

We spent a lot of quality time with the nieces and we know who their favourite is (hint - it's not me):

Poor Uncle was constantly being harassed by them - "Can you take us to the potty?", "Can you show me where you shower?", "I want to go with Uncle!" (even if it's only across the road to get water).

That's ok - Uncle got his revenge:

The campsite was pretty buggy. I was armed with DEET & an ultra sonic emitter and I still got skeeter bites on my ass. And both of us came home with a little extra souvenir of our trip:

Yep, that's swimmer's itch. Please pass the calamine...


bobbi said...

Nice looking legs! Looks like a great trip

ColorSlut said...

Youch. Those legs look painful!

PurlingPirate said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous. Bug bites, swimmer's itch, and all!! I NEED A VACATION!!!!! Glad you were out having fun and I'm glad you are back!