Monday, July 5, 2010

the first (and not the last) anniversary of my 39th birthday

It's been a crazy week and a half. My family came into town and promptly wore out Uncle:

There were presents to unwrap:

I have enough Coach to open my own store. I spent the entire week trying to bribe my youngest niece into telling me what was in the boxes. I almost got her to spill the beans when I up'd the bribe to 5 Tic Tacs but I got caught by my sister.

I threw a big party and the nieces helped by making me a fancy poster:

There was a ton of people and even more food. My quilting friends all bought me polka dot fabric. I got two new Xbox games - 80s Lips & Lego Harry Potter. Hubby bought me tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. in Sept (woo woo - whatta hunk!). I was spoiled rotten.

I think this picture sums up the entire experience:

It's not too bad being 39 again.


Monika said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Bea said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a blast!

Karin said...

Happy happy Birthday!!!!!! I wish you many more returns of your 39th. ;)

Chris said...

Happy birthday!! Looks and sounds like you had a really good one. :)