Sunday, March 6, 2011


We're back from a week in Hawaii. We had a great time but it's good to be back home with our kitties. The day after we got home, I got hit by the flu. Hubby got sick in Hawaii so it was just a matter of time before I got sick, too. I've been flat on my back for three whole days. Today is the first time I've felt vaguely human.

We picked the perfect week to go. Our area experienced record breaking low temps plus a huge dump of snow. Lucky for us, the snow melted and it warmed up before we came home.

I'll be posting more pics and stories about our vacation shortly. Mahalo!


PurlingPirate said...

Aloha!! That picture is gorgeous!!! My Mom actually got plumerias to grow at her house. She has several trees now. Or whatever you call those stalky plant-like things! Sorry you both were illin' though. Get well wishes to you both!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I just love that Plumeria!! What a gorgeous flower. Happy to hear you're home safe but sorry to hear about the flu - I got it on Saturday. I've never heard such moaning, groaning & burbling coming from a gut in my whole life . . .