Friday, March 18, 2011

even more Hawaii

Are you bored of hearing about Hawaii? I'm going to condense the rest of the trip into this one post just to get it over with and then I can move onto the knitting.

Day 2 in Hawaii saw us driving all over Oahu in our rental car. Starting from Honolulu, we went counter-clockwise.

First stop was at the surf shop so that hubby could register and pay for his surfing lesson. We stopped at the Diamond Head Marketplace & Grill for breakfast:

We stopped at pretty much all the lookouts along the coastal route. We made one detour to have a quick look at the Koko Head Botanical Gardens where I promptly got numerous mosquito bites (whoever told me there are no mosquitoes in Hawaii lied).

We spent part of the afternoon soaking up the rays on Sunset Beach which is at the north end of Oahu. Lemme tell you that the waves can really sneak up on ya:

On Fri, hubby went off to his surfing lesson and I sat on the beach knitting and taking pictures/videos of him falling off. Overall, he did pretty well (for a tall guy according to the photographer sitting next to me).

The vacation went a little downhill after the surf lesson. When we stopped for shaved ice on Waikiki, hubby wasn't feeling so well and got really sick. We grabbed a cab at the nearest hotel and went back to our hotel. Hubby got much sicker. Poor thing spent the next 2 days in bed (or in the bathroom). He had to miss out on his bicycle ride. I walked to the bike store and bought him a store jersey to make him feel better. I also went to the Ala Moana mall - it's huge! I finished the walk along Waikiki beach by myself and found a farmer's market where I bought the most amazing supper - Kahlua pork, chicken, rice, fresh pineapple, and other mysterious & tasty goodies. Yum!

We took it easy for the rest of the trip. I did some shopping without hubby (found a quilt store!) and when he felt better, we went to the Bishop museum and drove out to the Pali Highway lookout (more mosquitoes). On the last day, we hiked up to the top of Diamond Head Crater (even more mosquitoes):

We spent our very last afternoon on the beach and in the water at Ala Moana:

We are definitely going back to Hawaii!!!


Anonymous said...

except from your hubby falling ill, it really looks like you had a marvelous vacation:)

i really enjoyed reading about it:)

adriene said...

Fantastic! I have heard the spam Musabi is da bomb! Sorry to hear hubby fell ill... do you think it was the ice?

PurlingPirate said...

Sorry your hubby missed out on so much fun! Thanks for sharing your vacation photos with us!!

Dotty said...

Hi adriene - it wasn't the shaved ice. Hubby only ate 2-3 spoonfuls - I ate the rest of it and I was fine.