Friday, May 20, 2011

almost frog's hair

The week has been a blur - mostly lying in bed and then culminating with a trip to the hospital yesterday night. My cold wasn't a cold - it was a virus complete with aches, headache, fever, and chills but no other symptoms. I'm ok now but I learned the hard way what the symptoms are for dehydration. I think hubby got a little freaked out when he saw me fetchingly attired in a hospital gown with various tubes & wires hanging out of me.

Speaking of hospital gowns... The shade of blue that I was wearing can be found in my latest handspun (great segue, eh?):

This is 113g of Rambouillet from Two Sisters Stringworks (formerly known as Yummy Yarn), a local dyer. The LYS where I work sells her fiber. I spun the singles on my Traveller (hereby christened Clementine) and plied on Matilda (love my jumbo flyer!).

Unless I miscounted, that skein is about 728 yds so it's in the laceweight category. That's the thinnest yarn I've spun so far. Now that I've cracked the lace barrier, maybe I should try spinning frog's hair :)


PurlingPirate said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm soooo sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital!!! Glad that you are on the mend though. That bright blue yarn looks healing to me!

Monika said...

I'm glad you are O.K. That yarn looks yummy! Love the colors, and watch out! Frog hair is easy to spin, but getting back to thick and bulky yarn, is difficult, at least for me. :o)

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about the hospital visit. Love your yarn- the color is gorgeous.

adriene said...

Whoa... sorry to hear about the hospital, but I'm glad you're on the mend! It's awful when something gets hold of you like that!

The colours of that yarn are mesmerizing. I never think I like the lighter blues, but you've got such a gorgeous combo there. Congrats on becoming a laceweight spinner!

Louisa said...

Such beautiful yarn! Are you sure you're really a beginner spinner?

Sorry to hear of your adventures in hospital. Not fun! Hope you feel much better now. Those viruses are nasty. I just got over several (one on top of another) and now DH has the last one, poor baby. No hospital for me though luckily. Take care!