Tuesday, May 20, 2008

lovely long weekend

This morning's weather of thunder and heavy rain signals the end of a very nice long weekend. At least, there were 3 dry and sunny days.

I did very little knitting because I was too busy with other things. I've picked up my Rivendell socks again and I'm halfway to the heel. I also cast on a washcloth (I am horribly behind on those) plus the Auburn Camp Shirt. I've only got the hem done so I won't bore you with a picture.

These are commissioned knitting bags. I love the cow fabric. The medical themed fabric was particularly hard to find. And I bought a ton of the yarn balls fabric so that I can make more.

Hubby and I had a "date" day. We went to Granville Island and looked for a brunch place. We didn't find any so we loaded up on pastries from the french bakery and ate things like chocolate filled croissants. Then we shopped for a bit. Maiwa moved from their current location to a new place and they are selling yarn now. I picked up 2 skeins of Hempwol. The skeins are huge at 250yds each.

Not sure what I'll use these for but there's enough for a pretty large scarf or 2 hats. Maiwa also had several Zitron yarns and lots of Zitron roving.

I also poked my head into the Silk Tree and Fiber Arts studios. Both times, hubby was elsewhere (with my wallet) so I didn't buy anything. The Silk Tree had renovated and their space was very nice and spacious with lots of room for all those looms. They had this neat silk eyelash type yarn. Oh so soft! The Fiber Arts studio had lots of hand dyed yarn - bulky mohair, mohair boucle, and lots of fingering yarns, too.

After Granville Island, we went home for a little snooze and then headed out for dinner at a local greek restaurant. It was the first time I had salmon souvlaki. It was very good and the portions were huge. We were planning to go see the new Narnia movie afterwards. But as we finished dessert, we realized that we only had 10 mins before showtime. Yikes! We decided that we didn't want to spend 2 hours and 20 mins in horrible seats so we're going to see the movie tonite.

And here's Ricky sleeping in front of the largest open window he can find. He loves fresh air.

A new cat toy in the foreground... That toy travelled all the way upstairs and made it into our bedroom courtesy of Phoebe. That explains the middle of the night dance she did on my stomach. Oof!

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