Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sleeve island

That's where I'm at. Sleeve, sleeve, sleeve. At least, the first one's almost done.

I've also seamed up the shoulders (using the new technique that I learned from Jean Wong which is awesome for reducing bulk). I'll see Nancy tomorrow so she can try on the garment and I can decide if the sleeves need to be longer/shorter.

While I was working on the sweater yesterday night, the ball of yarn rolled away from me and Phoebe "caught" it.

She is such a helpful cat.


PurlingPirate said...

Ah yes, sleeve island. I have visited there a couple of times myself. Hope your stay there isn't as long as some of mine!

Good Job Phoebe!!

Mel said...

Phoebe is gorgeous btw. Excellent save with the yarnball. Shortstop cat!

Ummmmmm, now... why would I EVER think of knitting you purple socks? *grin*

An outrageous suggestion, really. And it's your fault (and Cynthia's) I've been mixing purples this week in my studio.

I will worry until your package arrives safely.

Bea said...

I love Phoebe. What a pretty girl! and so helpful!

Nicole said...

Phoebe's very pretty! Though I would worry that the yarn was in jeopardy...

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