Friday, May 9, 2008

random knitting

I've been doing a fair bit of scattered knitting this week. A little here, a little there...

I decided yesterday night that I wanted to knit Oblique. I bought the yarn (Lion Brand Cotton Ease in violet) last year so I cast on after supper.

This little bit of sleeve is no more. It seemed big so I looked on Ravelry. After reading all the comments, I need to knit the next size down and I will probably run out of yarn. So I don't know if I'll knit Oblique with this yarn or use something else.

My "linen" from Colourmart arrived. But it's not linen, it's wool/silk. There was a mix up at the mill where the singles were being plied/twisted and some of us ended up with the wrong yarn. My linen will be sent out as soon as it's ready.

As you can tell, my swatch biased. I've had this happen before so I have to remember to knit from the other end of the cone. The swatch is very nice and softened up after a good steam. So what should I do with 5 cones of ecru DK wool/silk?

I bought some yarn from Deborah on Ravelry awhile ago and when I spotted this new yarn in her stash, I asked her about it and she graciously sent me a small hank. This stuff is a luscious blend of bamboo and silk.

I knit 2 more cloths for the quilt show boutique - a dragonfly and an oak leaf.

Five down and only 25 to go.

I finished the first fingerless mitt for Iris. The thumb took me two tries. The first time, it was too narrow but the second attempt is much better.

And here's another commission that I've picked up. A quilting friend of mine started this sweater about 20 years ago. She has arthritis in her hands which prevents her from knitting.

She still likes the sweater so I offered to finish it for her. The front, back, and one sleeve are completed but I frog'd the sleeve. It's in the dolman style and I thought it would look more updated if I reknit it narrower. There's a few things I have to figure out. Her sts are twisted but when I compare it to my ktbl or ptbl, her sts are looped the other way as if her sts were mounted on the needle differently. Maybe she wrapped the yarn around the needle the other way? Or??? I've got some figuring out to do. This will be a challenge.

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PurlingPirate said...

Such pretty swatches! Such pretty yarn!!!
Good luck with the sweater!