Friday, May 23, 2008

sock success

I frog'd the socks that I started yesterday with the Blackberry Ridge wool/silk lace cuz they were too big. If you have wide/large feet, the New England pattern by Nancy Bush would be a good option. After browsing through my Ravelry queue, I cast on the Waving Lace socks and so far, so good.

Although, this is lace yarn, I'm pretty close to gauge on US0 (2mm) dpns. Speaking of dpns, I'm using HiyaHiya ones for the first time. They're nice and light and very pointy.

The cats are eating again which means they've recovered from their vet visit. Phoebe got off her rump and ate dinner from her bowl's usual spot. And ten seconds after I put the chicken cordon bleu on the table, Ricky's head popped up from a dining chair. Hubby tapped Ricky on the head and shoved the chair further in. About a minute later, Ricky's head pops up again but from a different chair. LOL! Ricky really loves chicken but he never gets any.


Phyl said...

No chicken cordon bleu for Ricky?? What is this world coming to. I'd call that cat abuse.

Bea said...

Its a pretty sock!

I think your cats are funny. Mine could care less about anything I open or make but tuna. They don't like people food. Bulldog food? Well its a real treat to find a piece that the dogs missed!

The Imperfect Knitter said...

Poor Ricky, shame on you , he looks so under fed....LOL
Love the quilt that you finished, you really are The Quintessential Quilter.

Anonymous said...

I just finished knitting the Waving Lace socks.
I loved the pattern, it flew along and I thought it was pretty fun to do.
They're gorgeous socks, I love them so much!