Monday, September 14, 2009

another grand day out

Less than 12 hours after our previous adventure, we were out the door again. This time, we drove south to Washington State. Our first stop was the lovely town of Anacortes. As we were driving, we noticed the signs pointing to the ferry that takes you to Victoria (where we were the day before) and I commented that we should've just taken the ferry from Victoria to Anacortes instead of driving the long way around.

After lunch we headed south to Whidbey Island and our ultimate destination - Deception Pass State Park. One of the first things I noticed when we stopped at the viewpoint was the scent of the arbutus trees. This tree only grows right on the coastline and the bark is rusty coloured, thin, and peels off the branches. A very unusual sight.

And this is the path to the Pacific Ocean. If you head west and skip over the southern tip of Vancouver Island and the northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula, it's land-free until Japan.

The weather was perfect for a stroll down the beach. Even the fighter jets were zooming around. The noise did not bother the fish (who were jumping) or the sea lions. And there must've been lots of fish judging by the number of fisherpeople on the shore and in the boats just offshore. I wonder what they were trying to catch.

When we got tired of walking, we amused ourselves by skipping rocks and trying to stack them.

(Click on the above picture to see the 4 skips)

We brought our kite but after it got stuck in a tree, we decided that it wasn't windy enough for kite flying. We eventually got hungry and headed south to Oak Harbour for supper before turning around and heading home.

I didn't visit any yarn stores (can't buy yarn everywhere I go!) but I did pick up some lovely fabrics for a baby quilt. Again, this post is pretty much done so I'll save loot pics for another day.


Carrie K said...

Sounds like a great outing! Gorgeous pictures.

That stacking of rocks - so much fun! Carmel's Spanish beach had zillions of stacked rocks. It was wild.

PurlingPirate said...

I would love to discover your stacked rocks on the beach! Thanks for sharing your traveling photos.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Gee,I was there once . . in 1973! On my way back from San Francisco & we took the ferry . . there's also another ferry across to Port Townsend, I think it's called. The gateway to the 101 south thru some of the most beautiful coast & tastiest seafood chowder - in every small town you pass - you'll ever have!!