Thursday, September 24, 2009

still busy

What a crazy week (relatives from both our families were in town)! During the madness, the doorbell rang at a very early hour and I yelled at hubby to answer it because the only time it rings is when a parcel is being delivered and I was only expecting one parcel - my bday present from P-la. Lookit what she sent me:

A very pretty purples cowl! P-la - if you read this, let me know what the yarn is cuz I love it and I want to buy some!!!

ETA: The yarn is from Twisted Fiber Art Evolutions.

She also sent me some gorgeous Claudia Hand Painted fingering:

Thanks so much, P-la! I love it all. BTW, the cowl looks great on me, too ;)

We've had a mole living in one of my flower beds all summer. It hasn't been able to break through the weed barrier so a few weeks ago, it moved into our lawn. It has slowly been working its way towards the street. This is what my sidewalk looked like last week:

There are 14 mole hills. That's not counting the ones coming from the house to the sidewalk. I have cleaned up the dirt piles and there haven't been anymore new ones so maybe he's moved on.

I took Ricky to the vet today. His appetite has dropped and his weight has been going down & then up. The vet thinks Ricky is just being picky so we've got a new food to mix with the stuff that he doesn't like. We'll see how it goes but I think we're going to end up paying for some expensive surgery (to gather intestinal samples). I don't want his pretty belly shaved!

Ricky sez, "I am mad at you, Mom. No more cowls or trips to the vet."


yardsailor said...

Happy birthday! Now lets get down to brass tacks. Where can I find the pattern for the purple cowl, it is just beautiful.

Bea said...

OH no Ricky please be healthy! We like your pretty belly. (Could you just be getting back at Mom because she keeps making you wear those cowls??)

Chris said...

*crosses fingers that Ricky is just being picky* Hmm. Y'know, he IS giving you the evil eye in that first picture... Maybe this is his revenge?!