Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phoebe and the cycling jersey

Our cats are attracted to some pretty unusual things. For example, Ricky likes the smell of feet & loves sticking his head into a freshly vacated shoe. He'll roll around like he's on a catnip high. And he'll only do it with hubby's shoes. Phoebe has a similar attraction to hubby's clothes. In particular, his stinky cycling stuff - the stinkier the better. Enjoy:

(We got a Flip video camera at Christmas so expect more cat videos)

Hubby must have a scent that the cats find irresistible. He is their favourite lap/sleeping spot/cuddle buddy.

PS. We don't leave clothes all over the floor. I took this video in the bathroom while hubby was showering.

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Phoebe's just marking her "lap top" territory!! I had one who loved shoes too - he'd stick his head into a sneaker & just roll around with the silly thing on his head. It was a performance guaranteed to reduce a grown man to hysteria! Cats are such goofy things . . .