Saturday, February 19, 2011

wacky weather

Thurs was an incredibly crazy weather day. Hail started falling from the sky and kept falling. After about half an hour, my backyard looked like this:

The pellets weren't very big but there was a lot of them and it kept coming down:

It was very localized - starting about 2km to the west of my house and ending about 3km to the east. So drivers weren't prepared and many got into trouble. I had to drive to my weekly quilt meet-up and saw many accidents/stuck cars. There were two Miatas spinning out on the hwy. I got stuck behind a semi waiting to turn left. The road that he was trying to reach was blocked by a semi with a back wheel perched on the center median. The cab was pointing uphill which made it impossible for him to move. I had to drive around the semi waiting in the left turn lane and then drive around the one that was stuck. When I got to the top of the hill, there was a police car blocking the road. A minivan was perpendicular to the road and wasn't able to move out of the way. I was forced to turn left and go the long way around the golf course. You can see pics of the stuck yellow semi and the mini van in the Vancouver Sun's website. My car did fine driving in the mess - love my 4 wheel drive and super fancy snow tires! My Dad asked me on Wed when I was going to take my snow tires off. I think I'll wait until March just to be sure because they're predicting snow for the beginning of next week. Didn't the groundhogs forecast an early spring this year?!?!?!

Not a lot of knitting this week. My sock mojo has up and left me. There are half finished socks all over the house and I have no interest. This is very odd.

I haven't blocked the fuzzy Sasquatch sweater pieces because I don't have anywhere to lay it out to dry. The guest bed is currently occupied - I'm looking at you, Ricky!

I made the necessary repairs to the pink sweater. I shortened and reknit the cuffs on the sleeves. I also took out the ribbing on the body and lengthened it. But when I was done and tried it on, the center cable panel looked "wrong". Like I'd forgotten to cable at the bottom. So I ripped it out again, added an extra cable twist in the appropriate place, and reknit the hem. It's also waiting to be blocked.

Yesterday and today are bright, sunny days and it seems like the hail never even happened. Ricky is very happy about the sunshine.



PurlingPirate said...

You've inspired me with your sweaters!! I've got knitting all over the house!!! 3 projects blocking and swatches drying!! Casting on for Traveling Sweater tomorrow!! Woot!

Move over Ricky, I need a nap!

Bea said...

If this is for early spring it makes you wonder when the late spring would end. May maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hope you get lots of wear out of that pink sweater after all the work. Enjoy Hawaii.