Monday, February 14, 2011

utter & complete sweater failure

I finished the Mondo Cable Pulli:

But I can't wear it. The body blocked out to the correct measurements yet my belly button gets drafty when I wear it. The length in the back is fine but I think the cable pulls the fabric up so the front needs to be longer to compensate. Either that or "the girls" are too big. I'm going to rip out the ribbing and add an inch and see how that looks. The second problem is the sleeves. They are very, very looooong. So long that you can't even see my thumbs. Those'll be ripped back and reknit. I am so happy that I didn't weave in all the ends before blocking.

I started another sweater while I was waiting for the pink one to dry. I'm using this crazy super bulky furry yarn called Gedifra Sombra (80% wool, 20% nylon) that will make me look like sasquatch's younger sister when I wear it.

I started knitting Fri - completing the front, the back, and one sleeve over the weekend. The pattern calls for 13 balls of yarn. I was halfway through the 12th ball with one more sleeve (120g) and the collar to knit plus seaming. I double checked my gauge and all my measurements and everything looks right. I even weighed some of the balls to see if any were short.

I knit the second sleeve and half the collar (I don't want it that wide) using the very last bits of the 14th skein this morning. I will have to unravel my 12g gauge swatch for seaming in order to avoid breaking into a 15th ball. Because I used extra yarn, I don't think I have enough to knit my sister's sweater. I got the Sombra at a big sale and I doubt there's any left. Pooh!


PurlingPirate said...

I am impressed with your knitting speedy skills!!!

And I sooo wanna touch your sweater!!

Bea said...

Wow that is a fast sweater. Sorry about the one that didn't work out.

Anonymous said...

Why not just shorten the sleeves by snipping them at the appropriate length, catching the loops, and then unraveling what you've cut off, using it to knit ribbed cuffs (if need be), and bind off? It'll save you a bunch of re-knitting.