Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Portland, here we come!

I've been sitting on this news for a month now, and I've been fit to burst, frankly. (I suck at keeping secrets.)

I'm working with Karla Stuebing, from Texas, on a few planned pooling projects, and the first one to go public is our lecture at Sock Summit!

I knew this collaboration was going to go well when she asked me if it was okay to make our audience laugh, as that's the way she prefers to lecture.

Dotty and I will be travelling to and/or from Portland together, so if you're at Sock Summit, make sure to say hi!

And if you're more local than Portland, I'll be teaching an intimate planned pooling class at 88 Stitches (scroll down for the info), the yarn store in Langley, in just a few weeks. This will be a much smaller setting, and we'll actually sit down with the yarn that the knitters bring to work out customized swatches and the knitter's gauge. (I'm told there's one spot left in the class.)

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100Creations said...

Do you have more pictures of PLANNED pooling? I love the scarf you have in the drawing. I believe you said it was plan pooled, looks great.