Monday, April 11, 2011

temporary resident

I went to a yard sale on Sat. There was a spinning wheel. A folding one. Can you see where this is going? I assembled it and gave it a spin. It came home with me. My living room is looking crowded.

That's a older model single treadle Lendrum - a Canadian made wheel. It came with a lovely carry bag, bobbins, and a lazy kate. I purchased this wheel on behalf of a friend who is looking for one. I couldn't get in touch with her to relay the details so I bit the bullet and bought it anyways. I hope she likes it. Fingers crossed.

I finally knuckled down and cast off my second Summer Flies shawl. I added an extra repeat of one of the charts which really made the the stitch count go way up. It took me 2.5 hours to bind off!

Pattern: Summer Flies by Donna Griffin
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Paints; 100g; 427 yds
Needles: 5mm Addi Turbos
Notes: Did an extra repeat of the ridged eyelet before starting the ruffle. Modified the increases to accommodate the different stitch count. Only have 11g of yarn left. Used fingering weight yarn instead of DK (like the first one I made) for a lightweight version.

I let myself cast on another project because I couldn't wait any longer.

I think all my future socks will be handspun and handknit.


PurlingPirate said...

Holy Purple Passion!!! Those socks are awesome!!! You are one lucky and talented lady!!

Gabrielle said...

Nice wheel, well spotted!

Now - I'm just keeping it for a, why does that sound familiar?!

Last time that happened to me, the wheel was a fixture at my house for 18 months!

Monika said...

Oh wow, that's great that you get to try out another wheel. Lets see how long it will take for you to get your second wheel. :o)
Love the shawl. I like that pattern too. And of course, hand spun, hand knit socks are the greatest!

adriene said...

I have the Summer Flies Shawl queued, but I keep changing my mind what yarn I will use for it. Maybe I need to make more than one!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I saw that yarn & touched those socks in person!! They are to DIE for!! A BEEEEAUTIFUL job Dotti!!!

And the shawl is lovely too. You know, you NEED a folding wheel. Find the friend another wheel . . .

Louisa said...

Slippery slope indeed. Can you say "whoops"? LOL!