Monday, March 16, 2009


I've caught a coupla bugs. I am sick with the flu - fever, chills, & aches. And I must be really sick because I could only eat 2 perogies for supper. Being sick doesn't usually affect my appetite but this time, I just couldn't eat.

I've also got startitis. Thanks to the new edition of Knitty. I love Shipwreck and Aeolian. My need to cast on was so great that I was forced to knit Aeolian because I had a suitable yarn and matching beads on hand.

I am using Marion's Sock Yarn and clear silverlined 6/0 beads. This is my first beaded project and I'm very excited.


Jersey said...

How ambitious!

Feel better soon. I just sent you mail about my prize arriving. Thank you so much - I love it!

Sharon in Surrey said...

Too sick to eat but still well enough for a new project??? Man, that's addiction!!! Get well soon!!

PurlingPirate said...

I want to knit those same two!!! A couple of the knit girls have decided to knit Aeolian so I am going to jump in too!!

Hope you feel better, being sick sucks!

Louisa said...

You can't be too sick if you can start on Aeolian! Too gorgeous. So there's hope for you yet. Get well quick.

Bea said...

Hmm...I'm feeling the same way about those shawls. I don't have beads on hand though :(