Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Where did last week go? I think I misplaced it somewhere. To be honest, I didn't knit for a few days after I finished Aeolian. I got a little burnt out from 8 days of steady knitting. My next shawl will be Shipwreck but I'm not casting on until I have the beads. This is the yarn that I'm using:

It's Fleece Artist 2/6 merino sock and reminds me of BMFA's Raven series - very dark & moody. I have also found the beads that I want to use:

They're kinda pricey (i.e. more than the yarn) so I'm still shopping. I'm having a hard time locating an online source. The beads have corners but aren't completely square.

I was teaching a beginner's crochet class on Sun. Let me tell you that the students weren't beginners. They all had previous crochet experience so we blew through all the introductory stuff and went straight to the scarf. I'm afraid that they'll finish too early next Sunday so I'm going to bring some kitchen cotton and a tawashi pattern for them to play with. I guess I should make a few samples to take with me. Off to track down some kitchen cotton.


Louisa said...

Cheap acrylic yarn is really good for tawashi! Better than cotton actually because it has both antimicrobial and scrubbing properties.

Bea said...

That's going to be really lovely. What's a tawashi?

geela said...

I didn't know what a tawashi was, either but found out on Wikipedia. Now I want to make one or two or three. Very eco friendly. There are some nice patterns on Ravelry.

Louisa said...

We use them "ta wash-y" - get it? :P

PurlingPirate said...

Those beads are great!!!