Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bad eggs

Question of the day: How long does it take raw eggs to liquefy after the best before date?
Answer: Approximately 2 months (these eggs weren't in my fridge). Ewwwww!

I finished crocheting my entrelac bag. I gave it a good soak in Eucalan this morning and I found the perfect box to put inside so that it blocks nicely. Today is sunny with a slight breeze so I put it outside to dry. The handles are ready to attach, I bought a cute button (hubby says it blends in too much so I might change it out), and I think I have a good fabric to line it with. Hopefully, it will be finished by Sat so that I can take it work and put it on display. At some point, I need to write everything up so that I can teach the class.

Next on my agenda is kids krochet kamp. I need to crochet a sample and design one of the projects. All this crochet means no knitting. The Whisper Cardigan hasn't really gotten anywhere in the last 2 weeks.

Ricky is enjoying the latest vet-prescribed food. This time, it's an ultrasensitive formula. The first ingredient is chicken but it's been changed so that the body doesn't think it's chicken. I don't get it but Ricky likes it more than the venison.

::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom::


PurlingPirate said...

I know I need to go to the grocery store when Ricky's meal looks better than my own.
Sorry Whisper isn't getting anywhere but it sounds like you are being productive! If it makes you feel any better, I've had a major setback on Shipwreck. Sigh.

Bea said...

Hopefully he'll keep eating it too. He does look like he is enjoying it.