Friday, April 10, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Busy taking advantage of the good weather. The garden is in good shape now. I just have to clean up two more shrubs and then I'm done until the weeds start taking over.

Ricky is happy that it's "open window" season. He's being a bad kitty by standing on the MacBook.

Busy working on a lot of crocheting & knitting. I'm scheduling several crochet classes - a kids camp (I need to design one of the projects) and an advanced crochet one (designing that one as well; it's tricky). Plus I've been asked to teach beginners knitting while the current instructor is on maternity leave. So lots of samples need to be made for the classes. I still have deadline knitting to accomplish as well. Ack!

Busy doing chores. The in-laws are in town this weekend so I had to cram all my chores & errands into one day. I got my hair cut so I look vaguely decent now. All that running around makes me want to take a nap like my two boys are doing here.

Ricky loves the "hubby couch".

Busy playing with my new iPod. It takes a long time to go through our entire CD collection. In a moment of weakness, I might've customized my iPod a little:

Hubby isn't working today so I'm going to drag him outside to take pictures of me in my Aeolian shawl.


PurlingPirate said...

My gosh you have been busy!!!

Love your iPod cover!

geela said...

The iPod cover is great but the hubby sofa is pretty darn cute.

Sounds like you work well with deadlines.

Bea said...

Oh Ricky! Don't mess with the Macbook!