Friday, April 3, 2009

random Friday

I have nothing coherent to present today. My current and near-future knitting is unbloggable and will remain so until the end of the month. So I will distract you with a bunch of nothingness.

1. Welcome to the blog, Tony! Feel free to contribute but try to keep it knitting related, eh ;)

2. Don't forget about the fundraising raffle! I've added quick links to the sidebar if you want to check out Gladys' Wollmeise auction or if you want to see how Tony's doing with his fundraising.

3. It snowed the morning of April Fool's Day. Unbelievable.

4. I went to a crazy LYS sale on Wed. Not crazy as in huge line ups/packed store. In fact, I was only one of three people in there. What's crazy is the ton (literally) of yarn marked down to $1 or $2 per skein/ball (Rowan and Debbie Bliss to name a few). Apparently, the owner no longer wants to store yarn off-site so she's bringing it all in and selling it off at bargain prices. My favourite purchase was a Lantern Moon bag for $5. I love it because it stands upright and stays open. I bought mostly sweater yarn but I did come home with one skein of sock (Bea - you'll like this :)

It's Estelle Arequipa in the Earth colourway.

5. At the pool hall on Wed night, I showed off my new acquisitions to the Wednesday Night Knitters. Karen beat me to the sale and scooped up all the Baby Ull. That's ok because she made room for the yarns that I bought. I met Lynne who had come down to attend a spinning retreat with Gail. She brought several pairs of her monster socks (they're a thing of beauty) and two of her sock monkeys. Check out the pictures on her blog.

6. Ricky is having a bad fur day today.

He had this huge mess of loose fur on his neck and back. I have no idea how he did that.

7. My hubby has been cycling a lot this week in preparation for the Pacific Populaire (100km) ride this Sunday. He (and Tony) records their cycling progress online and I subscribe to the RSS feed. Today's entry said: "sunshine and tailwinds, even better than lollipops". Lollipops? Is that some sort of cycling lingo?

ETA: Hubby said he was referring to the phrase "sunshine and lollipops". Huh? What century is he from? He's older than I am but not *that* old.

8. I took some knitting to my weekly quilt group meeting. The skein of yarn fell off my lap and the dog came by and stole it. Indy made it about 4 feet behind my chair before I figured it out. Bad doggie! Later that evening, I was knitting (the same project) in bed and Ricky came by and tried to play with the yarn. Bad kitty!

9. My iPod Mini died. It was on its last legs - the battery is toast so I can only listen to music when it's plugged into the wall. I tried to turn it on yesterday and nothing. So I'm shopping for a new toy - iPod Classic or iTouch? The Classic has enough memory to store my entire music collection whereas the iTouch is too small. One of my peeve's about the Mini was the small 4GB size so I'm probably going to buy the Classic. Hubby's mentioned that he'd like the iTouch so he can buy it and I'll *borrow* it from time to time.

10. I'll leave you with a final picture of Ricky after I brushed him.

Ricky sez: "I'm a handsome kitty"


gayle said...

Must be Spring. I gave my Mom-in-law's kitty today and he had that same expression after....annoyed on the surface but secretly happy to lose all that extra stuff.

gayle said...

hmm. I should proof read my posts, eh? I gave Bootsie a good brush today.

Bea said...

Yes I do like that yarn! I like all the pictures in the post actually. Love that last image.

I have a classic but I so rarely use it. Chris got it at some point and happily he's stopped buying me electronics because I don't use three-fourths of what he's gotten for me.