Thursday, April 16, 2009

just call me "Glotty"

On Wednesdays, I meet up with a fun bunch of gals at the pool hall. They call themselves the WNKers (Wednesday Night Knitters). Everything was going fine, until a local bridge caught fire & was shut down. That event prompted Gladys to join us rather than going to her 'other' knitting meetup. At that point, everything went downhill. It seems that several of the ladies can't get our names straight. Yesterday night was the last straw. Karen looked at me and called me "Doris" (I look nothing like her) and then later on, she called me "Gladys". Gladys wasn't even there! At that point, I suggested that Gladys and I have one name such as "Glotty" to make it easier for everyone. I'm not picking on Karen - there are others (Gail & Sharon!) who have the same issue. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Gladys - I completely understand if you no longer wish to join us. I think we've gone off the deep end.

Now that Easter (and in-law visiting) is over with, I'm back to some productive stuff. My crocheted entrelac bag is coming along.

This is a sample for the advanced/intermediate crochet class that I hope to be teaching in the near future. It had a bit of a rough start but it's working out. I was worried the colour repeats would be too short but it's ok. I'm not crazy about the yarn (Noro Yuzen). In some places, it's so thick that it's hard to grab the yarn with the hook and makes the square look lumpy. On the current round, I had to cut the yarn and rejoin it on the other side of the bag because the colours were stacking.

I am almost at the center back of the Whisper Cardigan. And I've just started the second ball of yarn. This thing's going to be soooo light & airy.

I signed up for a Pushing Daisies swap on Ravelry. My swap pal is irishtea (Hi Maria!). She lives in Florida. Do you know how hard it is to pick a yarn for someone who lives in Florida!?!?! I spent some time today scouring the stores for daisy themed items.

Ricky's been sick again. This time the culprit is the "human grade ingredients" cat food. He was sick 5 times in 10 days and it started when I cracked open the new case of food (same flavour as always but it didn't look or smell like the previous cases). I dragged him to the vet Monday morning and his bloodwork came back fine. He's eating vet prescribed venison now and I haven't had to use the carpet shampooer since. Yippee! The cat food people are going to be hearing from me.

Ricky sez, "Take a picture of me! Not the yarn"

(Yarn is Rowan Linen Drape; $20 for the bag - what can I say? I can't resist a sale :)


Chris said...

Oh, poor Ricky! What food was it?! We've done pretty well here with Wellness Core. EVO was problematic for Chaos' delicate digestive system, plus it was too crumbly.

Sharon in Surrey said...

All right Glotti, actually we really like the name . . .

PurlingPirate said... you cat is now eating better then I am??!! Hahaha!

Bea said...

The entrelac bag and your cardigan look great. I'm sorry Ricky's been sick. That really sucks.

Mel said...

Hey Glotty -- I can't resist a peek at what's up with Ricky. Had to laugh -- saw your white yarn in the b.g. and thought -- that yarn needs PAINTING! *laugh* Mel, in Addy