Monday, April 20, 2009


Watch out - I'm going to whine again. I was at work on Sat and some knitting friends came in late in the afternoon. E came up to the counter to pay for her yarn and she looked me in the eye and called me "Gladys". ::sob:: I haven't seen E in several months so how could she possibly get us confused? Maybe I need to make all new knitting friends and never introduce them to Gladys. OK, end of whine.

ETA: I publicly apologize to E for mentioning this incident. I did not mean to shame or upset you. ::hugs:: You can call me Gladys anytime you want to :) I do miss you and everyone at TBF but my Dad needs me, too.

I bought Cookie A's Sock Innovation book. It is very, very cool. I like most of the patterns but it's the first bit of the book that's the neatest. It's the part that talks about sock design. I'm not going to run out and start designing socks but it's nice to know how to do it in case I feel like tweaking a pattern.

My Whisper Cardigan is creeping along. I'm past the back gather now.

Poor Ricky has decided that he doesn't like vension. He was eating it at first but it's been a real struggle to feed him the last few days. So I've called the vet to see if he has something else we can try. I think he's feeling a little off because I couldn't find him this morning. He has his favourite sleeping spots but he chose to sleep here instead:

The couch normally doesn't look like this. He had to move stuff around to make space for his butt.


PurlingPirate said...

I'm sorry people are getting you mixed up. Petra and I have the same problem from sharing our blog.

Hope Ricky is back to normal soon!

Anonymous said...

dear dottie,

i am so sorry for accidentally calling you "gladys" - i feel horrible. even worse now that i have been publicly shamed. i consider you and gladys very different people, your love of purple notwithstanding. please forgive me. i miss you at knitting incredibly, and i hope my thoughtless slip will not make your absence permanent.


geela said...

I wonder what would happen if you changed your name (temporarily) to Gladys. Would everyone start calling you Dottie?

wenat said...

Well, I keep getting called "Grace", another friend of ours, so maybe we should get her knitting again and then everyone will get confused.

kelli ann said...

OMG-- that mitred square sock pattern article on the Knitty site? is so smart and so beautiful i think it is visiting from a whole nother dimension. wow.

Bea said...

I've never knitted a Cookie A pattern but I've heard wonderful things about the book.

Good boy Ricky. Hopefully he'll get better soon and you'll find a food that he'll like.