Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm melting

Wow! It is seriously too hot (34C on Wed & Thurs and setting new temperature records) to do anything. I've got a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening for chores and the rest of the day is spent downstairs in front of a fan watching TV. So far, I've watched Coraline and season 2 of Pushing Daisies. I've also been surfing the net. Here are two cool things: Catcerto and Maru videos on YouTube.

My garden is suffering, too. I've pulled my hanging baskets down and they're in the shade now. My begonias on the shaded front porch are wilting even with twice daily waterings. I am worried that my new maple tree will fry.

I've been trying to keep the cats cool - pointing fans at them as much as I can. Ricky was looking very wilted this evening so I picked him up and put him in front of fan that was blowing over a block of ice. He stayed put for quite awhile and his ears felt much cooler when he jumped down.

Today is much cooler and I finally got some knitting done.

Pattern: Ivy's Cowl by Misty Wade (Ravelry download only)
Yarn: Rowan Rowanspun Aran; 1 skein; col 973 red
Needles: 5mm circs
Notes: I probably have enough yarn for another repeat of the chart. Another Christmas cowl done - check!

As you can see, Ricky was less than co-operative with the photo shoot. He was kinda hoping I'd feed him supper instead of stuffing him into a wooly cowl.

Ricky sez, "I have escaped the dreaded cowl! Time for a snooze."


Carrie K said...

It looks like he grabbed some yarn on the way to his nap.

Hot, hot! Welcome to our normal summer weather. Hope your heat broke though! Cute cowl.

Chris said...

Is Ricky like my kitties, who pretty much look like wet dishrags when the temp's over 78F?!

Bea said...

No kidding he had to escape the cowl. Too hot! Sorry about the heat wave your having. Just send it back my way. We've actually been decently cool here for this time of year (32c). This week though its supposed to get hotter and more like it normally is (38-39c). Luckily we are prepared for it since we spend most of the summer up there (July, August, September). Though this year it started early in June, all of June was over 38c.

knitseashore said...

Send some heat our way! We've had lots of humidity lately, but the summer has definitely been cooler than normal here.

I hope Ricky and Phoebe are feeling better now and will be willing to model again soon.